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Matt Gray’s ReFourmation Kickstarter with C64/Amiga remake tracks is up now

Composer Matt Gray have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the next album in his Reformation series of remakes of music from C64 and Amiga games.

Confirmed tracks for this album so far are from the C64 games Times Of Lore, The Last Ninja, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, Delta, Skate Or Die, Shockway Rider, Retrograde and Ocean Loader 5. Music from the Amiga games Turrican 2 and Test Drive 2 have also been confirmed.

If the campaign is successful the vinyl release will be a 3LP and will be limited to 250 copies.

The vinyl tier is £50 (with some higher tiers also including the vinyl release) and is scheduled to release in March, 2022.

The campaign aims to raise £23,000 and will end on July 20, 2020. It can be backed on Kickstarter here.

A vinyl EP for the To Be On Top C64 soundtrack can be backed on Qrates

Composer Chris Hülsbeck have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Qrates in order to fund a vinyl release of his music for the Commodore 64 music action-adventure game To Be On Top. The release will be titled “SID Anthology: To Be On Top Original Sound Version”.

If funded the release will be a single 12″ EP on gold colored vinyl. It will be housed in a regular LP jacket with the release title and the game’s opening screen on the front jacket.

The release is priced at $39 and the campaign needs 200 backers before June 15, 2020 in order to be successful. It can be backed on Qrates here.

To Be On Top - Mockup

Matt Gray has launched a Kickstarter for his Reformation 2 C64 remake project

And of course it also includes a vinyl option! After a very succesful (albeit slightly delayed) Kickstarter for his Reformation Last Ninja 2 remake project, Matt Gray have now launched a new Kickstarter for a new remake project.

Reformation 2 is based on a stretch goal from the first Reformation project, where Gray did remakes of tracks from other C64 composers. This means that Reformation 2 will be an entire album of remakes from other composers than Gray himself. The tracks aren’t set in stone, but according to the Kickstarter Gray is hoping to remake music from games such as Commando, Comic Bakery, Monty On The Run, Nemesis The Warlock, and more.

The vinyl version will be a black vinyl 2LP and also comes with FLAC and MP3 downloads of all tracks.

The Kickstarter launched today, April 8, 2017, and will end on April 30, 2017. If the campaign is succesful then vinyl rewards are planned to go out in September 2018 (and downloads in May 2018).

You can pledge now via Kickstarter.