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Metroid Cinematica Kickstarter with vinyl options now live

Sam Dillard have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a physical release of a “recharged” version of his Metroid Cinematica arrangement album. The vinyl reward tiers will be handled by Mango Mage Records.

The release will be a 45RPM 4LP set available in three variants: A standard variant on blue translucent marbled colored vinyl, a Kickstarter exclusive variant on red, green, gold and blue colored vinyl (500 copies), and a Wax Mage variant in a custom hand-made color pattern (20 copies).
The standard variant will ship in a quadfold jacket, while the Kickstarter and Wax Mage variants will be in a quadfold jacket within a wooden box set.

The campaign runs from now and until November 22, 2021 with a goal of $10,000 (and as of this post this has already been met). Vinyl rewards are scheduled to begin shipping out in December, 2022.
The standard variant is $80, the Kickstarter variant is $130 and the Wax Mage is $300 (sold out as of this post).
The campaign can be backed on Kickstarter here.

Metroid Cinematica - Standard Vinyl
Metroid Cinematica - Kickstarter Vinyl

New Earthbound cover album “Boundless” can be backed on Kickstarter now

Musician Retro Game Remix is doing a new Earthbound arrangement album, which can now be backed on Kickstarter and it does include a vinyl release in one of its reward tiers.

If successful the release will be a single LP on 180g red splatter colored vinyl. It appears to be housed in a regular LP jacket with new artwork.

The campaign runs from August 10, 2021 and ends on September 9, 2021 with a goal of $5,000 AUD. If the campaign is successful the vinyl release is scheduled to begin shipping out around February, 2022.
It is priced at $40 AUD and it can be backed via Kickstarter here.

Boundless - Front
Boundless - Vinyl

Kickstarter for a Soulless I & II vinyl release are now up from Chiptune Records

Chiptune Records, who had a successful campaign for the Hessian vinyl release last year, are now ready with a new Kickstarter. This time for a vinyl release to the soundtracks to modern C64 games Soulless and Soulless II.

The campaign will run from now and until July 7, 2021 with a goal of €12,500. If successful the release will be a 2LP with one record on red and the other on blue colored vinyl. It will be housed in a high gloss gatefold jacket with new artwork by Trevor Storey and design by Tim Bisschop.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will also receive an individually numbered bonus 12″ maxi single with the themes from The Lord Of Dragonspire and Kentilla. The bonus maxi will only be available from the campaign.

It is priced at €30 and, if successful, is scheduled to release in January, 2022.
The campain can be backed on Kickstarter here.

Soulless I & II - Front Mockup
Soulless I & II - Back
Soulless I & II - Bonus EP

Matt Gray’s ReFourmation Kickstarter with C64/Amiga remake tracks is up now

Composer Matt Gray have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the next album in his Reformation series of remakes of music from C64 and Amiga games.

Confirmed tracks for this album so far are from the C64 games Times Of Lore, The Last Ninja, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, Delta, Skate Or Die, Shockway Rider, Retrograde and Ocean Loader 5. Music from the Amiga games Turrican 2 and Test Drive 2 have also been confirmed.

If the campaign is successful the vinyl release will be a 3LP and will be limited to 250 copies.

The vinyl tier is £50 (with some higher tiers also including the vinyl release) and is scheduled to release in March, 2022.

The campaign aims to raise £23,000 and will end on July 20, 2020. It can be backed on Kickstarter here.

Chris Hülsbeck announces new orchestral Turrican Kickstarter project with vinyl options

Chris Hülsbeck – the composer of the Turrican series and several other retro titles – have announced and launched a new Kickstarter project called “Turrican Orchestral Selections”.

The project features arranged versions of a selection of music from the Turrican series, that didn’t make it onto his previous release, “Turrican II – The Orchestral Album”.

The vinyl version will be a double LP on black vinyl and will come with the album on CD, a booklet, and downloads for both the orchestra album and a brand new album described as a “Virtual Turrican 4 soundtrack” recorded on Amiga hardware.

There’s also a box set version limited to 1000 numbered copies. In addition to what’s included in the standard vinyl tier, the box set comes with physical art prints and downloadable musical scores.

In addition to the regular tiers, an additional CD and vinyl record of the virtual Turrican 4 album may be added to the pledge if the project hits its stretch goals.

The Kickstarter is aiming for a $85,000 goal and if succesful, physical rewards are scheduled to begin shipping in April 2018.

The 2LP is priced at $65 ($55 for early bird) and the box set is priced at $95 ($80 for early bird). You can pledge for either (or one of the higher vinyl tiers) via Kickstarter now.

Turrican Orchestral Selections - Mockup

Turrican II Live Orchestra Album box set Kickstarter launched by Chris Hülsbeck

Today composer Chris Hülsbeck launched a Kickstarter  campaign for a live orchestra version of his soundtrack to the 1991 Commodore Amiga game Turrican II: The Final Fight.

The album will be produced by Merrognon Studios (who have previously worked on the Final Symphony concerts and Hülsbeck’s Turrican Soundtrack Anthology). It will be released in individually numbered box sets that include the album on both CD and on a 2LP. Additionally, the box set will feature brand new manga-style artwork. The box set will be limited to 1000 copies.

The set will be available for backers who pledge $50 at the early bird tier or more. Higher tiers include art prints, signed score sheet, and more.

If the project is succesfully funded the box set is set to release in April 2017, with the digital version becoming available December 2016.

You can read more about it and back the Kickstarter here.

Turrican II Live Orchestra Album - Mockup 1Turrican II Live Orchestra Album - Mockup 2