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iam8bit ready with vinyl preorders for the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk soundtrack

iam8bit are releasing the soundtrack to newly released action platforming game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on vinyl.

The release will be a 3LP on black vinyl. It will be housed in a jacket with new artwork by Sem Graham.

It is priced at $60 and is scheduled to release in Q1 2024. It can be preordered via iam8bit here.

EU folks can also preorder from Black Screen Records here, UK folks can preorder via Chipfreq here and Canadians can preorder from Very Ok Vinyl here.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Front

Limited Run Games to release Lethal League + Blaze vinyl soundtracks

Limited Run Games are releasing the soundtrack to the dodgeball-turned-fighting games Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze on vinyl.

Lethal League will be a single LP on black vinyl. It will be housed in a jacket featuring identical artwork to the 2018 CD release of the soundtrack.

Blaze will be a 2LP on black vinyl. It will be released in a jacket featuring new artwork by Komap.

Lethal League is priced at $28 and Blaze at $35. Both are up for open preorder, which will close again on May 16, 2021. They are scheduled to begin shipping 5-8 months after preorders close.

Lethal League can be preordered from Limited Run Games here and Blaze can be preordered here.

Lethal League - Front
Lethal League Blaze - Front