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The Quake vinyl soundtrack is finally available to order

It’s been sitting in my list of upcoming releases for over three years. It’s almost been a standing joke at this point. But now it’s finally happening. The soundtrack to classic first-person shooter Quake is getting released on vinyl. Boom.

The release will be a 2LP on 180g black vinyl. It will be housed in a regular jacket with the game’s logo.
It does not include a booklet with essays by John Carmack and American McGee, because Zenimax is a petty company (but you may or may not be able to read and download said booklets on the store page for the release).

It is priced at $35/£40 and is in hand and ready to ship. US folks can order from the US Nine Inch Nails store here and UK/EU folks can order from the UK Nine Inch Nails store here.

Quake - Front