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New free indie game vinyl compilation up for preorder via Black Screen Records

Last year Black Screen Records released a indie game music compilation series titled Sounds Of Summer and now they’re ready with the 2021 entry in this series.

It features music from the following 14 different indie games – Kraken Academy, We Are OFK, Battle Bands, Jitsu Squad, Lunistice, Guinea Pig Parkour, Venba, Holomento, Chained Echoes, Born Of Bread, Knuckle Sandwich, Ruffy And The Riverside, Dome-King Cabbage, and Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance.

The release will be a single LP on 180g black vinyl. It comes in a single-pocket jacket with new artwork by Elora Pautrat and layout by Dane Baudoin. It also includes an insert with track credits.

It is free (outside of shipping costs) and is scheduled to release in mid/late September, 2021. It can be preordered from Black Screen Records here.

In addition Black Screen Records have also restocked on several previously sold out distro titles here AND are running a big summer sale here.

Sounds Of Summer 2021 - Front
Sounds Of Summer 2021 - Back