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LISA: The Painful and Neversong to get vinyl releases from Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge have just announced that they are releasing a selection of tracks from the RPG LISA: The Painful and its DLC The Joyful together under the title “LISA: Pain & Joy” as well as the soundtrack to Neversong on vinyl. LISA had previously seen a vinyl release from Ghost Ramp in 2016, although with a slightly different tracklist.

LISA will be a 2LP with one record on “painful blood” red swirl and the other on “joyful” blue swirl colored vinyl. It will be housed in a jacket with new artwork by Karsten Schreurs.

Neversong will be a single LP on “blackfork” yellow with black swirl colored vinyl. It will be housed in a jacket with game art and comes signed by composer Thomas Brush.

LISA is priced at $40 and is an open preorder scheduled to release in early 2024. It can be preordered from Serenity Forge here.

Neversong is priced at $36 and is in-hand and ready to ship. It can be ordered from Serenity Forge here.

LISA: Pain & Joy - Mockup
Neversong - Mockup

The soundtrack to LISA: The Painful RPG can be preordered now

Back in February Ghost Ramp announced in an interview with PCGamer that they will be releasing the soundtracks to LISA: The Painful RPG as well as Crypt Of The NecroDancer. Yesterday Ghost Ramp tweeted that they would open preorders for LISA: The Painful RPG today – and now that time has come!

The game was developed by Dingaling and the soundtrack was composed by Widdly 2 Diddly – both which are aliases for Austin Jorgensen. The release comes in 3 different variants – a special edition with 2LP picture discs that includes an enamel pin and an embroidered character patch, a regular 2LP picture disc version and a 2LP version with one disc on red/black split and the other on blue/black split color vinyl. The packaging for all three versions are identical and features brand new artwork by Karsten Schreurs (see below).

The soundtrack is priced at $50 for the special edition, $40 for the picture disc, and $35 for the colored version. It is scheduled to release on early October, 2016.

Preorder via Ghost Ramp’s online store here – special edition 2LP picture disc, regular 2LP picture disc, and 2LP colored variant.

LISA The Painful - Artwork Collage

LISA The Painful - Gatefold Mockup + Color Vinyl LISA The Painful - Picture Disc Mockup