Shovel Knight - Feature

Brave Wave to release the Shovel Knight soundtrack on vinyl

Brave Wave have updated their Generation Series page to include a Shovel Knight: The Definitive Soundtrack release on 2LP black vinyl. The release have been done in cooperation with original composers Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae and is mastered specifically for vinyl.

The release will feature brand new artwork from Hitoshi Ariga who have previously done artwork for Pokémon and Mega Man. The artwork have not been announced yet, but Brave Wave have released a sketch on their announcement page.

There’s no preorder or release date yet, but Brave Wave encourages people to sign up to preorder news on their site.

UPDATE: Brave Wave have answered some questions regarding this release over on NeoGAF. The release will feature 43 tracks which have been chosen and adjusted by Jake Kaufman for this release.

In addition, they plan on sending out the release date two weeks prior to shipping. So there will not be a long wait between ordering and receiving the release.

UPDATE 2: Preorders have now opened for the soundtrack. The title will be on 2LP “armor blue” vinyl.