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Music from the Atari 50 collection to be released on vinyl from Microids Records

Microids Records are releasing the music made for the Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration game collection. It includes the collection’s menu music and the music made for the 5 new reimagined games Quadratank, Yars’ Revenge Enhanced, Neo Breakout, VCTR-SCTR and Haunted Houses.

The release will be a single LP on gold-colored vinyl. It will be housed in a black jacket with the Atari 50 logo.

It is priced at around €36 and is scheduled to release in April, 2024. As of this post it is not yet available from Microids Records themselves, but several distributors are offering preorders now.

US folks can preorder from Light In The Attic here, EU folks can preorder via Black Screen Records here, and Canadians can preorder from Very Ok Vinyl here.

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