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Black Screen Records bringing the Syberia 3 OST to vinyl

A few months back Black Screen Records announced that they would be releasing Inon Zur’s soundtrack to Syberia 3 on vinyl. However, preorders have not been open until today.

The release will be a 2LP on 180g vinyl. It will be housed in a single  cover with original game art. It will be available in clear and black vinyl versions.

As a neat bonus the release will have the entire score to Syberia 2 (also by Inon Zur) on side D of the album.

The release is priced at €30 and is expected to release in late November 2017. The album can be preordered from Black Screen Records’ store here.

Syberia 3 - Front + White Records Syberia 3 - Back + Black Records

Spacelab9 bringing the Fallout 4 score to vinyl in a massive 6LP box set

Today Bethesda have listed a massive 6LP box set containing Inon Zur’s full 65 track score to Fallout 4 – 3½ hours worth of music!

The box set is done by Spacelab9 (who previously worked with Bethesda on the 4LP Fallout 3 score) and includes the discs in 3 gatefold jackets within a slipcover. All 6 records come on blue vinyl.

The set is priced at $125 and is limited to 3000 copies. It is scheduled to release on July 1, 2016 and can be preordered from the Bethesda Store here.

Fallout 4 - Mockup Front Fallout 4 - Mockup Back

Spacelab9’s Fallout 3 vinyl soundtrack finally announced

A post on Modern Vinyl today showed what had been teased for a while – and maybe a little more than that. Inon Zur’s Fallout 3 score will be released by Spacelab9 on a 14-track picture disc sampler (exclusive to Hot Topic) as well as a 3LP + a 7″ blue vinyl housed in a triple gatefold inside a slipcase box that’s being sold by the official Bethesda Store.

There’s no release date confirmed for either, but the picture disc is currently being sold at Spacelab9’s booth at New York Comic Con meaning that they have been pressed.

UPDATE: Spacelab9 has revealed on Facebook that the release date for both will be November 13.

UPDATE: Bethesda have revealed that the 3LP+7″ will cost $85

UPDATE: Pre-orders are now live through the Bethesda Store

Fallout 3 Picture Disc - Mockup

Fallout 3 Slipcase - Mockup