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Space Quest IV reorchestrated album can be backed on Qrates

Space Quest Historian have launched a Qrates campaign for a vinyl release of his “Space Quest IV – Reorchestrated and Remixed” album.

As per the Qrates campaign description “the music has been reorchestrated with modern sound patches, but uses the original MIDI data from the game“. The campaign is non-profit and funds will only be used for the production of the vinyl release.

If the campaign is succesful the release will be a single LP on blue-in-black colored vinyl. It will be housed in a regular LP jacket with new artwork.

To succeed the campaign will need at least 100 backers before March 2, 2020. The album is priced at €18.72 and if the campaign is succesful it is scheduled to ship out 2-3 months after the campaign ends.

It can be backed on Qrates here.

Space Quest IV: Reorchestrated And Remixed - Front & Record
Space Quest IV: Reorchestrated And Remixed - Back