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Celeste: Farewell and ESCism now available from Ship To Shore

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. are continuing their work with composer Lena Raine with two new soundtrack releases. The first is the highly anticipated soundtrack to Celeste’s Farewell DLC and the other is the soundtrack to the interactive novel ESC.

The Celeste: Farewell soundtrack will come on a single LP in three color variants – crystal clear for retail, clear with blue, pink and purple splatter as a Ship to Shore exclusive, and a blue, pink, and purple striped exclusive for Black Screen Records.
It will be housed in a regular LP jacket with artwork by Nina Matsumoto.

The soundtrack to ESC – titles ESCism – will come on a single black vinyl LP and will be housed in a regular LP jacket.

Farewell is priced at $25 and ESCism at $20 and both are scheduled to begin shipping mid-October, 2019.

Farewell can be preordered from Ship To Shore here and from Black Screen Records here.

ESCism can be preordered from Ship To Shore here.

Celeste: Farewell - Ship To Shore Mockup
Celeste: Farewell - Black Screen Records Mockup
ESCism - Mockup

Shantae GBC vinyl soundtrack available to preorder from Fangamer

Fangamer have just announced that they will be releasing the Game Boy Color soundtrack to Shantae on vinyl.

The release will be a single LP on red vinyl. It comes in a gatefold jacket with new artwork by Nina Matsumoto. Orders from Fangamer also includes an immediate digital download of the soundtrack.

It is priced at $23 and is scheduled to release in early January, 2019. It can be preordered from Fangamer here.

A purple variant limited to 500 copies is also available to preorder from Limited Run Games here at 6pm ET today.

Shantae GBC - Front
Shantae GBC - Front Limited Run
Shantae GBC - Gatefold
Shantae GBC - Back