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Mercenary Kings vinyl soundtrack now available from Yetee Records

Yetee Records have opened up orders for a vinyl release for the soundtrack to side-scrolling retro-style shooter Mercenary Kings.

The release will be a single LP on “tropical sunburst” red and yellow swirl colored vinyl. It will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with artwork by Stéphane Boutin.

It is priced at $25 and is in hand and ready to ship. It can be ordered via The Yetee here.

Mercenary Kings - Front
Mercenary Kings - Back

Preorders for Panzer Paladin vinyl soundtrack up via Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games have just opened up preorders for a the vinyl soundtrack to side-scrolling action platformer Panzer Paladin.

The release will be a 3LP on grey marbled colored vinyl. It will be housed in a triple gatefold jacket with new artwork by Corey Lewis.

It is priced at $45 and is an open preorder, which is available from now and until January 24, 2021. It is scheduled to release 4-5 months after preorders close.
It can be preordered from Limited Run Games here.

Panzer Paladin - Gatefold

Yetee Records ready with Flinthook and Tumbleseed soundtracks

Yetee Records have just announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to Tumbleseed alongside the previously announced vinyl release to Flinthook. And not just that – they also have exclusive variants of Ship To Shore PhonoCo.’s Rocket Knight Adventures and Kid Dracula releases.

Tumbleseed will be a single LP on a clear vinyl picture disc. It will be housed in a regular LP jacket with artwork by Drew Wise.

Flinthook will be a single LP on pink vinyl. It will be housed in a special cover with a plastic outer and die-cut inner designed by Drew Wise. Artwork is done by Stephanie Bourgeault.

For the exclusive variants Rocket Knight Adventures will be a blue and green merge, while Kid Dracula will be a white and grey split.

Flinthook is priced at $30, Tumbleseed at $25 both are scheduled to release in February 2018.
Rocket Knight Adventures and Kid Dracula are priced at $20 each and are scheduled to release before Q1 2018.

Flinthook can be preordered from The Yetee here – also in a version with a free bonus flexi here. Tumbleweed can be preordered here.

Rocket Knight Adventures can be preordered here and Kid Dracula here.

Tumbleseed - Contents
Flinthook - Cover Concept

Rocket Knight Adventures - Yetee Variant Kid Dracula - Yetee Variant

The Yetee ready with Curses N’ Chaos and Wizorb vinyl soundtracks

The Yetee have revealed that they are releasing the soundtracks to the two Tribute Games games Curses N’ Chaos and Wizorb on vinyl. Curses N’ Chaos is composed by Patrice Bourgeault and Wizorb by Jean Chan.

Both are single LP releases housed in standard record jackets. Curses N’ Chaos comes on black and red merge colored vinyl, the jacket features art by Ian, and the release is limited to 500 copies Wilding. Wizorb comes on a picture disc, features art by Drew Wise, and is limited to 250 copies.

And if that’s not enough they are also releasing a new variant of the Ninja Senki soundtrack – a DX classic shuriken picture disc. Also limited to 250 copies.

All 3 titles are priced and $25 and are ready to ship.

Curses N’ Chaos can be ordered here.

Wizorb can be ordered here.

Ninja Senki (both variants) can be ordered here.

Curses N Chaos - Front Curses N Chaos - Record Curses N Chaos - Back Wizorb - Front Wizorb - Record Side A Wizorb - Record Side A Wizorb - Back

Ninja Senki - Record, Classic DX

The Yetee are ready with two Record Store Day releases – Interstellaria and Ninja Senki

The Yetee have announced two releases for Record Store Day – Chipzel’s soundtrack to Interstellaria and Patrice Bourgeault’s original and DX soundtracks to Ninja Senki.

The Interstellaria release is a 2LP on black vinyl with blue and white “space” splatter and comes in a jacket with new artwork by Marie Bergeron.
The Ninja Senki release is also a single LP, but comes on a pixelated shuriken picture disc on clear vinyl and comes in a textured jacket with new artwork by Drew Wise. Ninja Senki will be limited to 250 copies.

Both releases will come with a download code for digital copies of the soundtrack.

Interstellaria is ready for shipping on Record Store Day, while Ninja Senki will begin shipping in late June 2017.

Interstellaria can be ordered here now, and Ninja Senki can be preordered here.

Interstellaria - Front + Vinyl Interstellaria - Back

Ninja Senki - Front

Ninja Senki - Back