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Preorders for Brave Wave’s Samurai Shodown up soon

Preorders for Brave Wave’s next entry in their Generation Series – the soundtrack to the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD versions of Samurai Shodown – are about to go live.

The release will be a 3LP on black, white and red vinyl. It will be housed in a two-piece box set and will also come with a booklet with interviews and liner notes. A download card will also be included.

300 copies will also be available with an art print signed by series creator Yasushi Adachi and composer Norio Tate.

The regular edition is priced at $50, while the signed is priced at $60. It is scheduled to ship in 1-3 months.

Regular edition will be availble from Limited Run Games here and the signed edition here at 10AM ET today.
The regular edition will be available from Fangamer and BigWax at a later time as well.

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