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Bit Brigade is releasing their Metroid arrangement album on vinyl

Hello Sir Records have just opened a listing for a vinyl release of Bit Brigade’s Metroid rock arrangement album. It features arrangements from Metroid, Metroid II: Return Of Samus, and Super Metroid.

The release will be a single LP on “Kelly” green translucent vinyl with red splatter. It will come in a regular LP jacket with the artwork from the original digital release by Noah McCarthy.

It is priced at $20 and is scheduled to release September 19, 2018. It can be ordered from Hello Sir Records here.

Bit Brigade's Metroid - Front

Bit Brigade’s vinyl release of their “The Legend of Zelda” cover album is up for preorder

They teased it a while back in their newsletter, but now the preorder is ready. Bit Brigade is releasing their cover album of Koji Kondo’s “The Legend of Zelda” soundtrack.

The release will be a single LP in a standard record jacket and it will be on gold-colored vinyl.

The record is priced at $20 and they’re expected to begin shipping in mid-to-late August 2017. Preorders are open now via Hello Sir Records.

Bit Brigade Legend Of Zelda - FrontBit Brigade Legend Of Zelda - Front

Bit Brigade’s Mega Man II cover album to be released on vinyl

It was teased in some forum posts last week and today it was confirmed with a listing on Hello Sir Records’ web store – Bit Brigade’s “Mega Man II” album will be given a vinyl release.

The album comes as a single LP on blue opaque vinyl. It features Bit Brigade’s rock covers of Takashi Tateishi’s classic soundtrack for Mega Man II as well as a few tracks from Mega Man 3, 4, and 9.

To make news even better this is not a preorder, but a release that is ready to ship! It’s priced at 20$ and can be ordered via Hello Sir Records here.

Bit Brigade Mega Band II - Vinyl