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Data Discs taking preorders for the vinyl soundtrack to Nights Into Dreams

Data Discs are releasing the soundtrack to 1996 action game Nights Into Dreams on vinyl.

The release will be a 180g 2LP available in two variants – a limited edition on purple translucent with white splatter colored vinyl, and a standard edition on purple translucent colored vinyl.
It will be housed in printed sleeves within a single-pocket jacket with glow-in-the-dark game art.

Additionally, the limited edition will also come with a bonus 7″ with the Kids Version and Instrumental Version of the track “Dreams Dreams”.

The limited edition is an open preorder from now and until December 11, 2023 @ 9AM GMT.

The limited is priced at £40 and the standard at £32 and both are set to release in March, 2024. It can be preordered from Data Discs here.

Nights Into Dreams - Contents, Limited Edition
Nights Into Dreams - Contents, Standard Edition

Data Discs to release the soundtrack to Sonic CD on vinyl

Data Discs have just hit us all with a massive surprise release. They are going to release the original Japanese soundtrack to Sonic CD on vinyl.

The tracklist have been newly arranged based around the game’s time zones and will differ from previous releases of this soundtrack.

The release will be a 180g 3LP. It comes in a heavy single pocket sleeve with game art. It includes three art prints with art from Sega’s archives and liner notes by composer Naofumi Hataya.

As always there will be three different color variants – a limited edition with one disc on blue-in-clear vinyl with green splatter, one disc on green-in-clear vinyl with blue splatter, and one on blue vinyl. There will also be a blue colored vinyl variant and a classic black vinyl variant. All variants will feature an etching on side F.

It is priced at £35 and is scheduled to release in September, 2019. It can be preordered from Data Discs now.

Please note that preorders for the limited edition are timed and will close on June 17.

Sonic CD - Limited Edition
Sonic CD - Blue
Sonic CD - Black

Sonic Forces 2LP is now available to preorder

It was teased a while back that the soundtrack to Sonic Forces would get a vinyl release under the name “Sonic Forces: The Vinyl Cutz”.

The release will be a 2LP and appears to come with one disc on blue translucent vinyl and the other on clear vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with game art.

The official page from Wayô Records indicates that orders will open on June 23, 2018 with shipping to begin in July 2018. However, it is available to preorder from Amazon France now priced at €34 and with a shipping date of June 29, 2018.

Sonic Forces - Front & Vinyl Sonic Forces - Gatefold

Data Discs will be releasing Golden Axe I & II on vinyl

Last week Data Discs teased that they would be releasing a surprise title that would be ready to ship immediately this week – and today they sent out a newsletter confirming that this release would be the soundtrack for Golden Axe I & II on the same record. The soundtrack to Golden Axe is composed by Tohru Nakabayashi and Golden Axe II is composed by Naofumi Hataya.

As always Data Discs are offering three variants and this time around they will be doing a limited edition variant on transulcent gold vinyl with purple swatches (see image below), a regular translucent gold vinyl version, and a classic black version.

Additionally, the release will come with two lithographic prints featuring game artwork.

The release will be able to order from Data Discs’ website on August 27. As usual subscribers to their newsletter will be given a code to access their site a little earlier than everyone else.

Golden Axe - Limited Edition Mockup