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Fangamer releasing Jet Force Gemini vinyl soundtrack

Fangamer have just opened up orders for the soundtrack to the 1999 Nintendo 64 third person shooter Jet Force Gemini on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP light and dark blue translucent marbled colored vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket featuring new artwork by Rebecca Ryan.

It is priced at $39 and is in stock and ready to ship. It can be ordered from Fangamer here.

EU folks can also order from Black Screen Records here and UK folks via Chipfreq here.

Jet Force Gemini - Front
Jet Force Gemini - Gatefold
Jet Force Gemini - Back

Sea Of Thieves vinyl soundtrack up for preorder from iam8bit

iam8bit have announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack to the pirate action-adventure game Sea Of Thieves on vinyl.

The release will be a 3LP with the records on “tropical island” blue, red and green swirl colored vinyl respectively. The records will also feature pop-up papercraft center labels. They will be housed in a custom hardcover 24-page book with artwork by Haley Wakefield and storybook art by Vivian Shih.

It is priced at $100 and is scheduled to release in Q3 2021. It can be preordered from iam8bit here.

Sea Of Thieves - Contents
Sea Of Thieves - Book

Black Friday will be a bad fur day as iam8bit brings Conker’s Bad Fur Day to vinyl

iam8bit just announced that they will have Robin Beanland’s soundtrack for Conker’s Bad Fur Day for sale for Black Friday.

The release will be a 2LP on black vinyl housed in a jacket with new artwork by Joey Spiotto. The soundtrack will be remastered exclusively for this release and it comes with a digital download.

The release is priced at $35 and is scheduled to release in Q2 2018.

It can be preordered from iam8bit’s US store here and their UK/EU store here from Black Friday (November 24, 2017).

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Front & Record

Killer Cuts to receive a vinyl release via iam8bit

Ultra Combo – the official Killer Instinct website – have announced that the soundtrack to the first Killer Instinct game will be released on vinyl via iam8bit. The soundtrack is composed by Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate and is titled Killer Cuts.

There will be three different versions of the soundtrack – one on Sabrewulf purple vinyl, one on Spinal clear vinyl, and a limited edition Fulgore green vinyl version. What’s special about the Fulgore version is that it will only be for sale during the EVO weekend (July 15-17) and after that it will be sold out forever. Additionally, people who purchase the Fulgore variant are also entered in a draw to win the custom-made Fulgore puppet used for the cover art. A download code for the digital soundtrack is included as well.

The artwork on these is done by Cory Schmitz, Ben Sifel, Austin James & Seth Cuddeback, while the puppets for the artwork has been done by Chelsea Bayouth.

As a nice little touch the records end in a locked groove on side A which will play the “c-c-c-combo breaker” shout.

All 3 versions we go up for sale on Friday via iam8bit’s webstore at 9am PDT and are scheduled to release in October. They can be preordered from iam8bit’s US store here or their UK store here.

Killer Cuts - Mockup