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The sixth Distant Worlds Final Fantasy arrangement album is now available on vinyl

AWR Records are once again releasing an orchestral Final Fantasy series arrangement album in the Distant Worlds series and this time it’s the recent sixth entry getting a vinyl release.

The release will be a 2LP on clear vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket.

It is priced at $35 and is in-hand and expected to start shipping from November 17, 2023. It can be ordered via the Distant Worlds Shop here. Please note that they only ship to the US, but past releases have all eventually gotten EU distro.

Distant Worlds VI: More Music From Final Fantasy - Front & Vinyl

Square Enix to release Final Fantasy VII/Remake 2LP

It was announced a little while ago now that Square Enix would be releasing a selection of tracks from the original Final Fantasy VII as well as from Final Fantasy VII Remake together on vinyl. Now official orders open in a few days (and some distributors have already opened up preorders).

The release will be a 2LP picture disc – with art on one disc from the original Final Fantasy VII and art on the other from Remake. It appears to be housed in a triple gatefold jacket.

It’s being advertised as a “limited made-to-order printing”, and it appears they will try to take as many preorders as they can within the production limits of their pressing plant.

The release is priced at €87.77 on the official Square Enix EU Store and as $80 on US Amazon. It is scheduled to release on January 31, 2020.
Preorders will officially open via Square Enix EU on July 7, 2019 here, and it can already be preordered from US Amazon here.

Please note that it might also show up on other storefronts.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Mockup