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Distant Worlds V now available to order on vinyl

AWR Records are releasing the fifth and latest installment in the Distant Worlds series of Final Fantasy arrangement albums on vinyl.

Distant Worlds V feature arrangements of tracks from Final Fantasy V, VI, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV and XV as well as a series spanning Chocobo medley.

The release will be a 2LP on clear vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with session photography and credits.

It is priced at $40 and is in-hand and ready to ship. It can be ordered via the official Distant Worlds store here. Please note that they will only ship to the US and Canada at this time.

Distant Worlds V - Front

Final Fantasy character theme compilation up for vinyl preorder via Square

Square Enix are releasing a series of four compilation LPs with character and battle themes from all 15 Final Fantasy main series titles.

Each release will be a single black vinyl LP. They will be housed in tip-on single-pocket jackets with character illustrations by Tetsuya Nomura and will all include a download card.
There is also an option for a version which has all four releases together in a clear plastic slipcase

Please note that if you order from Square Enix Japan you will have to buy all four standalone titles in order to qualify for the slipcase, while the Western stores has the 4LP set as a standalone listing.

They are priced at €33/$37/¥3250 and are scheduled to release between December 6, 2021 and March 28, 2022 (slipcase orders will ship March 28, 2022).
It can be preordered via Square Enix Europe here, Square Enix North America here and Square Enix Japan here.

Final Fantasy: Heroes And Villains - Fronts
Final Fantasy: Heroes And Villains - Box

Final Fantasy VI piano arrangement LP up via Respawned

Respawned Records are releasing TPR’s Final Fantasy VI piano arrangement album World Of Ruin on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP available in two variants – a “Kefka” red-in-clear with black splatter variant, and a “Terra” purple/pink with green splatter variant. They are limited to 250 copies each.
It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with new artwork by Abi Scott and will also include an insert with the gatefold art.

It is priced at $40 and is in hand and expected to begin shipping early September. It can be preordered from Respawned Records here in two batches – first batch (sold out as of this post going live) is at 1PM EST and the second batch at 6PM EST today (August 23).

EU customers can also order via Black Screen Records here.

World Of Ruin - Front
World Of Ruin - Gatefold
World Of Ruin - Vinyl (Color-In-Color)

Final Fantasy VI arrangement “Esperwave” up via Channel 3 Records Now

As teased earlier this week Channel 3 Records is now live with preorders for follow-up to last year’s Manawave – the lo-fi/instrumental hiphop Final Fantasy VI arrangement Esperwave.

The release will be a single LP available in four different variants – a “Pallazo” pink translucent smoke variant (500 copies), a “Figaro Regalia” yellow and blue splatter variant (300 copies), a “Magicite” blue metallic variant (150 copies), and a classic black variant (50 copies).
It will be housed in a tip-on single-pocket jacket with new artwork by Final Fantasy series illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. It will also include a holo foil obi strip and a 11×11″ insert with liner notes.

It is priced at $30 and is scheduled to release in Q2 2022. It can be preordered from Channel 3 Records here.

Esperwave - Vinyl

Final Fantasy metal arrangement album now available on vinyl

The metal band Knight Of The Round, who does covers of music from the Final Fantasy series, have just announced that they are releasing their latest album “War Of The Triad” on vinyl.

The album features metal versions of tracks from Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI.

The release is a single LP on clear vinyl with black smoke. It comes in a regular LP jacket.

It is priced at $30 and is ready to ship. It can be ordered from the band’s Bandcamp here and will also be available from the band at the upcoming MAGFest.

War Of The Triad - Front
War Of The Triad - Back

Laced Records will be releasing Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo on vinyl

Laced Records teased some upcoming releases a few days ago and today they had quite the announcement – they will be releasing the London Symphony Orchestra’s Final Symphony AND Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra’s Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo on vinyl.

The albums are made in collaboration with Square Enix and all music on both titles are from Square Enix games. Final Symphony contains music from Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X while Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo contains music from Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Chrono Cross, and Chrono Trigger.

Both albums will be released on 3LP black vinyl in a triple gatefold cover. Final Symphony will have new artwork done by Tom Baxter and Caspar Newbolt, while Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo will have new artwork by Johnni Di-Doi and Petherton Press.

Both albums are up for preorder now and are expected to ship in December. Posters and CDs are also available from Laced Records.

Final Symphony - Mockup Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo - Mockup