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Mega Man Legends 2 vinyl soundtrack up for preorder via Ship To Shore

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. are releasing the soundtrack to the Mega Man spin-off sequel Mega Man Legends 2 on vinyl.

The release will be a 2LP available in two different color variants – a limited edition blue with white splatter variant, and a clear vinyl variant. It will be housed in a jacket featuring new artwork by Mushbuh and will include an insert with liner notes by Jeremy Parish.

It is priced at €40 and is scheduled to release in Q1 2022. It can be preordered from Ship To Shore PhonoCo. here.

EU folks can also preorder from Black Screen Records here, UK folks from Chipfreq here, and Canadians from Very Ok Vinyl here.

Mega Man Legends 2 - Front, Limited

Fangamer is releasing the LocoRoco soundtrack on vinyl

Fangamer have just announced that they are releasing the soundtrack to the platforming game LocoRoco on vinyl.

The release is a 2LP with one record on yellow and the other on pink colored vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with new artwork by Mushbuh.

It is priced at $35 and was available to order from Fangamer here. However, as of this post it has sold out, but Fangamer will have additional copies available later in December.

LocoRoco - Front
LocoRoco - Gatefold
LocoRoco - Back

Black Screen Records to release the Downwell soundtrack on vinyl

Over the past couple of days Black Screen Records have been posting teasers about their third release on Twitter, and today they finally confirmed that they will be releasing Eirik Suhrke’s soundtrack to Downwell on vinyl.

The release comes on 180g red vinyl and includes a 12″ screen print and brand new artwork by Mushbuh. It also includes a digital download for the album.

Preorders will open on August 3 through Black Screen Records web store here.

Downwell - Mockup