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Chilltendo Deluxe lofi arrangement album can be backed on vinyl now

GameChops have launched a Bandcamp vinyl campaign for the lo-fi hiphop album “Chilltendo Deluxe”. The album features arranged music from the Pokémon series, The Legend of Zelda series, Undertale, Super Smash Bros., Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Bros, and Ōkami.

If successful the release will be a 2LP on yellow and turquoise translucent colored vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with artwork by Jokabi.

The campaign runs from now and until June 2, 2022. It is priced at $35 and if successful it is scheduled to release in October, 2022. As of this post it has already reached it’s funding goal.
It can be backed via GameChops’ Bandcamp here.

Chilltendo Deluxe - Front
Chilltendo Deluxe - Gatefold

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl arrangement LP “Sinnohvation” up for preorder

Video game jazz musician insaneintherain have just announced that he’s releasing a selection of tracks from his upcoming Pokémon Diamond & Pearl jazz arrangement album “Sinnohvation” on vinyl. It will feature a selection of 6 tracks and is titled “Sinnoh Fusion Ensemble Selection”.

The release will be a single LP on blue and purple hand-poured vinyl. It will be housed in a single pocket jacket with artwork by Rachel EB. It will include a double-sided insert and is limited to 300 signed copies.

It is priced at $35 and is scheduled to release around March 20, 2021. It can be preordered from insaneintherain’s Bandcamp here.

Sinnohvation - Front
Please note that the mockup does not reflect the vinyl color

Poké & Chill vinyl release available to preorder from Materia Collective

Materia Collective have just announced that they will be releasing the Pokémon remix album, Poké & Chill, on vinyl. It is done by Mikel, who also worked on Zelda & Chill from last year.

The release will be a single LP on red translucent vinyl with smoke. It comes in a regular LP jacket with artwork by Bespa and Rozen. The first run of this release will be a pressing of 1000 copies.

It is priced at $25 and is scheduled to release in December, 2019. It can be preordered from Bandcamp here.

Poké & Chill - Front & Vinyl

Materia Collective are opening preorders for their Pokémon Red & Blue piano album

Last year Materia Collective started a Kickstarter campaign for the recording of a piano arrangement album of the Pokémon Red & Blue soundtrack and they are now opening preorders for non-backers.

The release is a 2LP on black vinyl. The records appear to be housed in a single-pocket jacket with illustrations by Nora Kristiansen and design and layout by Rozen. It will be a pressing of 500 copies.

People who backed the vinyl tier for the Kickstarter will receive a backer-exclusive version of this, but it has not yet been announced what the difference between the standard and the backers versions will be.

It is priced at $40 and is scheduled to release around September 1, 2018. It can be preordered now via Bandcamp here.

Piano Collections: Pokémon Red & Blue - Mockup