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Rozen + Reven’s Kingdom Hearts arrangement “The Keyblade War” up for vinyl preorder

Materia Collective have just opened up preorders for the vinyl release of Rozen and Reven’s Kingdom Hearts arrangement album, The Keyblade War.

The release will be a 2LP with one record on gold translucent with black smoke and the other on blue translucent with silver smoke colored vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with artwork by Anato Finnstark and design by Rozen and Isa Alcántara. It will be limited to 500 copies.

It is priced at $45 and is scheduled to release in November, 2020. It can be preordered from Bandcamp here.

The Keyblade War - Front
The Keyblade War - Cover
The Keyblade War - Gatefold

Kingdom Hearts arrangement “Kingdom Heartbeats” available to preorder on vinyl

Materia Collective have announced that they will be releasing the Kingdom Hearts arrangement album, Kingdom Heartbeats, on vinyl.

The release will be a single LP on clear vinyl. It will be housed in a gatefold jacket, which will be housed in a printed acetate slipcase. It will feature artwork by Leon Tukker and additional layout and design by Rozen. It will be a pressing of 1000 copies.

It is priced at $35 and is scheduled to release in September, 2019. It can be preordered from Bandcamp here.

Kingdom Heartbeats - Front & Vinyl
Kingdom Heartbeats - Jacket

Laced Records will be releasing Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo on vinyl

Laced Records teased some upcoming releases a few days ago and today they had quite the announcement – they will be releasing the London Symphony Orchestra’s Final Symphony AND Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra’s Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo on vinyl.

The albums are made in collaboration with Square Enix and all music on both titles are from Square Enix games. Final Symphony contains music from Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X while Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo contains music from Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Chrono Cross, and Chrono Trigger.

Both albums will be released on 3LP black vinyl in a triple gatefold cover. Final Symphony will have new artwork done by Tom Baxter and Caspar Newbolt, while Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo will have new artwork by Johnni Di-Doi and Petherton Press.

Both albums are up for preorder now and are expected to ship in December. Posters and CDs are also available from Laced Records.

Final Symphony - Mockup Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo - Mockup

Novu Records to release the soundtracks to Kingdom Hearts I & II as well as Metal Gear Solid 1 on vinyl?

I received a tweet today informing me of a new vgm vinyl label called Novu Records along with a link to their site. Now the site itself may not reveal much at first glance, but after signing up for their newsletter you’re greeted with this message:

Novu Records Signup Message

This is all there is to it at the moment, hence the question mark in the title. As there is no other information about this new label and these releases I’m considering this a rumor for now. But I’ll be following up on these news as more is revealed.