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Arrangement album “VGM Essentials: SARE” now available on vinyl via Firaga Records

Firaga Records have opened up vinyl orders for the arrangement album “VGM Essentials: SARE”. It features new takes on tracks from Final Fantasy VII, Persona 4, Doki Doki Literature Club, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Genshin Impact, Kingdom Hearts, No Straight Roads, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario 64, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Deltarune.

The release is a single LP on 180g black vinyl. It will be house in a single-pocket jacket with art by Ginkgo.

It is priced at $28 and appears to be in stock and ready to ship. It can be ordered via Firaga Records’ Bandcamp here and the Materia Store here.

VGM Essentials: SARE - Front
VGM Essentials: SARE - Back

Persona 1-5 vinyl soundtracks now available to preorder from iam8bit

Last week iam8bit announced that they would be releasing the soundtracks to the six main games in the JRPG series Persona on vinyl and now they are ready with preorders. The soundtracks will be available individually (except 1, 2: Innocent Sin and 2: Eternal Punishment, which will be bundled together) and together as part of a complete box set.

Persona 1 and 2 will be a 3LP on pink, purple and green colored vinyl. They will be sold together, but seemingly be housed in two separate boxes.

Persona 3 will be a 4LP on blue, yellow, red and purple colored vinyl. It will be housed in a box set.

Persona 4 will be a 4LP on yellow, grey, silver and black vinyl. It will be housed in a box set.

Persona 5 will be a 4LP on black, silver, red and white colored vinyl. It will be housed in a box set. This is identical to the recent releases of the Persona 5 Essential Edition.

All releases will feature new artwork by Drew Wise and include stickers matching the games.

A slipcase box set featuring all 15 LPs in their respective boxes will also be available for purchase. The box will also be sold separately for people who already own Persona 5.

The full collected box set will also include a certificate of authenticity, which will not be included with the standalone releases.

Persona 1+2 is priced at $90, while Persona 3-5 will be $100 each. The full box set will be $400 and the standalone slipcase box will be $35. They are all scheduled to release in Q3 2022, with a later wave of orders not shipping until sometime in 2023.

The releases can be preordered from iam8bit here. EU folks can also preorder the box set via Black Screen Records here – no individual releases yet, though.

Persona 25 - Contents
Persona - Front
Persona 2 - Front
Persona 3 - Front
Persona 4 - Front
Persona 5 - Front

VGM Jams Mixtape Vol. 1 arrangement album can be backed on Qrates now

A group of different VGM artists have grouped together to release new arrangements of music from Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear 2, Persona 4, Secret Of Mana, Shadow Dancer, Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets Of Rage 2 and Super Castlevania IV on the album “VGM Jams Mixtape Vol. 1”. It is being released through a campaign currently up on Qrates.

If the campaign is successful the release will be a single LP on black vinyl. It will be housed in a regular LP jacket featuring new artwork made for this project.

It is priced at $34.29 and the campaign runs from now and until June 18, 2021. It is scheduled to release 2-3 months after the campaign ends if it reaches its goal of 100 preorders.

It can be backed via Qrates here.

VGM Jams Mixtape Vol. 1 - Front
VGM Jams Mixtape Vol. 1 - Back