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Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy 2LP now available online

It was originally released late last year and only sold in the merch booth at Distant Worlds concerts – until today!

Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy is an album of arranged music from the Final Fantasy series performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. It contains tracks from Final Fantasy I-IV, VI-IX, and XI.

The music was originally recorded at the Stockholm Concert Hall in 2007.

The release is a 2LP on black vinyl and is housed in a gatefold jacket.

It is priced at $35 and can be ordered on Amazon here.

Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy - Front Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy - Back

Square Enix to release a Vinyl Edition for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

UPDATE: After posting this I’ve been informed that the records in the box set are in fact 7″ records and not LPs like it says in the article. I apologize for this error.

Today Square Enix have announced that they will be releasing physical editions for the game Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. This includes an edition with the score by Daughter on vinyl. It is not yet clear if the licensed songs will be included in the vinyl edition.

The release will be a 4LP box set with 2 records on white vinyl and 2 on pink. It features game art and will also include a soundtrack CD.  And since this is a physical edition for the game it also comes with that on the console of your choice (PC, PS4, XB1) as well as DLC and an artbook.

It will be priced at $70/€70 and is scheduled to release on March 6, 2018. It can be preordered from Square Enix’s NA store here and their EU store here.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Mockup


NieR Gestalt/Replicant and Automata soundtracks being released on vinyl

Earlier this month Square Enix announced that they would be releasing the soundtracks to NieR Gestalt/Replicant and NieR: Automata on vinyl – and now preorders are here.

Three different releases have been planned. A NieR: Gestalt & Replicant 2LP and a NieR: Automata 2LP release.  Both come on black vinyl and are housed in jackets with artwork by Ishida Sui.

Additionally, they will be releasing a box set with both aforementioned releases. So far it appears that the box itself is the only difference in that set.

The two 2LP sets will be priced at 3600 Yen each, while the box set will be priced at 7200 Yen (note that prices are listed without taxes). All three were sold during the Tokyo Game Show 2017 in limited quantities, but the commercial release date will be December 20, 2017.

Currently the only place to order is from the Japanese Square Enix store, but rumors have mentioned them being available in the European store later as well.

If you use a proxy service or know someone in Japan, you can order the Gestalt & Replicant OST here, the Automata OST here, and the box set containing both here.

NieR Gestalt & Replicant / NieR: Automata - Box Set NieR Gestalt & Replicant - Front + Records NieR: Automata- Front + Records

Laced Records will be releasing Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo on vinyl

Laced Records teased some upcoming releases a few days ago and today they had quite the announcement – they will be releasing the London Symphony Orchestra’s Final Symphony AND Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra’s Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo on vinyl.

The albums are made in collaboration with Square Enix and all music on both titles are from Square Enix games. Final Symphony contains music from Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X while Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo contains music from Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Chrono Cross, and Chrono Trigger.

Both albums will be released on 3LP black vinyl in a triple gatefold cover. Final Symphony will have new artwork done by Tom Baxter and Caspar Newbolt, while Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo will have new artwork by Johnni Di-Doi and Petherton Press.

Both albums are up for preorder now and are expected to ship in December. Posters and CDs are also available from Laced Records.

Final Symphony - Mockup Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo - Mockup

A vinyl version of Black Materia by Mega Ran & Lost Perception is set to release on Record Store Day

It was teased via a small YouTube-clip from The Yetee back in January, but now it’s up on their website and it is set to release on Saturday – April 16th (Record Store Day 2016).

Black Materia is a rap/hiphop album by Mega Ran & Lost Perception in which they use background music and samples from Final Fantasy VII. The album was originally release on CD and digital back in 2011, but is now receiving a vinyl release as well. The vinyl version has been remixed and remastered with new orchestrated Final Fantasy VII arrangements by R23X.  A full remaster of the track “Avalanche” have been uploaded to Soundbutt. Additionally, the full unremastered album can still be streamed via Bandcamp, although the new version is bound to be somewhat different.

The album features completely new artwork done by Drew Wise.

The album will come out on a 140g 2LP via Yetee Records. It’s marketed as a limited edition, but there’s no word on how limited it is.

The Black Materia 2LP can be ordered from their website here (orders cannot be placed until April 16, though).

Black Materia - Mockup

Square Enix to release a vinyl album with arranged music from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross

Square Enix have put up a listing on their Japanese store for the vinyl album “To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album”. It is currently only available to order from the Japanese Square Enix Store (which only ships within Japan), but with recent trends there should at least be hope that it’ll be made available in the EU as well.

It’s set to release on December 16, 2015 for 4,860 yen (~$41/~€36).

This is the first time that Yasunori Mitsuda’s music from these games will be made available on vinyl. The tracks chosen for this album are as follows:

  • From Chrono Trigger
    • Wind Scene
    • Schala’s Theme
    • Corridors Of Time
    • On The Other Side / Epilogue ~ To Good Friends
    • To Far Away Times
  • From Chrono Cross
    • Time’s Scar
    • Radical Dreamers
    • The Frozen Flame
    • Marbule
    • The Bend Of Time

Chrono Trigger & Chrono Chross Arranged - Mockup

Music from Final Fantasy VIII will be released on vinyl

A listing from Square Enix’s Japanese Store have just confirmed that a picture disc vinyl record with music from Final Fantasy VIII will be released on vinyl with an estimated release date of December 21st, 2015.

According to the listing it is a selection of music from the game and the tracks are chosen by composer Nobuo Uematsu himself. The listing doesn’t mention if it’s a 2LP like the Final Fantasy VII vinyl release was or if it is just a single LP.

The Japanese store will only ship within Japan itself, but seeing how the Final Fantasy VII release was also available in the European stores I think that it’s fair to remain optimistic that it will be available outside Japan later on.

Pre-order through Square Enix Japan [Japan only]

UPDATE: I’ve been in touch with Square Enix Merch EU customer support, who, when asked if they were planning on releasing this outside Japan, told me that they were “considering the option”.

UPDATE 2: It is now available through the Square Enix EU store. It was also disclosed that it will be limited to 2,000 numbered copies. It will be released on December 15, 2015.

Final Fantasy VIII - Mockup