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New Wind Waker arrangement album is up for preorder from Mango Mage Records

Mango Mage Records are now taking vinyl preorders for the arrangement album “Fair Winds & Following Seas” that features new takes on music from The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The release will be a 2LP available in two color variants – an “Outset Island” blue-in-clear with blue splatter and yellow with orange swirl colored vinyl variant, and a black vinyl variant.
It will be housed in a gatefold jacket with artwork by Kell Carr, Kate Phillips, Kevin Ortiz and Samuel Ferrara and each jacket will be housed within a custom felt sleeve.

It is priced at $52 and is scheduled to release in late Q2 2024. It can be preordered via Mango Mage Records here.

EU folks can also preorder via Black Screen Records here, and Canadians can preorder via Very Ok Vinyl here.

Fair Winds & Following Seas - Front
Fair Winds & Following Seas - Gatefold

Ben Briggs VGM arrangement album up for vinyl order via Firaga Records

Firaga Records have opened vinyl orders for a new entry in their VGM Essentials series and this time it’s an arrangement album by Ben Briggs getting the vinyl treatment. It features covers of music from Chrono Trigger, Killer Instinct, The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Mario 64, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Sonic Colors and Super Mario Galaxy.

The release is a single LP on 180g black vinyl. It is housed in a single-pocket jacket with artwork by Ginkgo.

It is priced at $28 and appears to be ready to ship. It can be ordered from Firaga Records’ Bandcamp here and Materia Store here.

VGM Essentials: Ben Briggs - Front
VGM Essentials: Ben Briggs - Back

The 8-Bit Time Machine vinyl release now up for order

The 8-Bit Time Machine is a 2014 arrangement album of chiptune renditions of modern game music. It features tracks from the following games: Angry Birds, Battlefield 1942, Braid, Destiny, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Portal, Super Mario Galaxy and Watch Dogs.

The release will be a single LP available in three variants – an “NES” black, silver and grey tricolor with red splatter (limited to 100 copies), a “Tri-Force” dark green on light green pinwheel with pink splatter (limited to 200 copies), and a “Time Warp” blue, red and purple swirl (limited to 200 copies, Respawned exclusive).
It will be housed in a single-pocket jacket with new artwork and include a double-sided insert.

It is priced at $25/£25 and is in-stock and shipping now. It is available to order via Enjoy The Ride here (unfortunately sold out as of this post), arranger Giovanni Rotondo from the UK here, and Respawned Records here.

The 8-Bit Time Machine - Front
The 8-Bit Time Machine - NES Variant
The 8-Bit Time Machine - Tri-Force Variant
The 8-Bit Time Machine - Time Warp Variant